A shake is a basic wooden shingle that is made from split logs. Shakes have traditionally been used for roofing and siding applications around the world. Higher grade shakes are typically used for roofing purposes, while the lower grades are used for siding purposes. In North America shakes are typically made from Western Red Cedar.  Properly installed shakes provide good weather protection and a rustic aesthetic.  Shakes do require more maintenance than other more modern weatherproofing systems. The typical roof life is 20-25 years.

What are the advantages of having Cedar wood shakes installed on your home or business vs shingles or slate roofs?

Finding the right roofing system for a new installation can be difficult, especially if you are used to seeing asphalt shingles throughout your neighborhood.  Systems like clay tile can be optimal for areas that are hot and do not experience a great deal of freezing temperatures, but they can be expensive systems. Fortunately, cedar wood shakes can be a desirable roofing option, that work best in a more humid environment.  They are beautiful roofs that that can stand out among standard roofing. If you are interested in installing cedar shake roofs in Ohio, it is a good idea to be informed. Cedar shake systems are advantageous for a variety of reasons, so keep them in mind as you look to make a new roof purchase.

They are Durable

One of the first advantages that individuals will notice when they install cedar shakes is the fact that this roofing system is extremely durable. It is able to stand up to physical wear much better than asphalt shingles, which may begin degenerating in as little as 10-15 years. Cedar shingle systems stand up to impact damage very well, which makes them ideal in locations that frequently experience hail.  Cedar shakes, if properly installed, will resist significant winds that may destroy a shingle roof system.

They are Visually Pleasing

Cedar shakes are some of the most attractive surface materials you can purchase for your roof. They are unique because they come in a variety of different surface textures and sawn patterns. You can stain cedar shakes to be dark, light, or left untreated to darken to a natural gray color. Because of the presentation of these shakes, they can be used to decorate all types of properties and provide homeowners with a more versatile way to tie the area together.

They Last Long

On average, cedar shake systems can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. Though they are a little bit more expensive than asphalt shingles, homeowners get their money’s worth because few other alternatives can as beautifully stand up to the elements as well as cedar shake roofs in Ohio.

They Do Not Require Much Maintenance

Finally, what sets cedar shake roofs in Ohio apart from many other roofing systems is the easy maintenance. Wood shake systems only need to be inspected once a year to make sure that there is no debris collecting on the roof which will prevent proper drainage and age the shakes prematurely.  If damage has occurred the damaged cedar shakes can be removed and replaced without replacement of the entire roof system. These replaced shakes will weather to match the rest of an untreated roof within 1-2 years.  Cedar shakes can be an excellent investment for those who are interested in a quality roofing product that provides years of natural beauty with little maintenance requirements.