“Acts of God” In Terms of Home Damage and Insurance

Every insurance company and each policy has its own specific definitions and coverage’s when it comes to the idea of an “act of God.” It is important to become aware of what is listed specifically in your own policy under coverage’s in this case. However, there is an overall general idea when it comes to it.

An “act of God” is usually seen as a natural disaster that could not have been avoided. It is something that was not caused by a person and is impossible to prepare for. Under these terms, tree on housethis would generally include damages directly related to tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards and such. Rain and wind storms might also be on the list.

Certain acts of nature might not be covered depending on different reasons, such as your home being located in a particular area. If it is in a flood zone your insurance company may require you to purchase additional coverage since the likelihood of flood damage occurring is higher than in other places. It is always important to know what types of coverage your home specifically needs.

There are, however, stipulations to everything. For instance, if a tree were to fall due to a wind storm and cause damage to your home your homeowners insurance would typically cover that damage. It probably would not cover it if the tree were partially cut in half and ready to fall anyway. Just like anything, keeping your property in good condition is key to minimize potential risks.

Again, all insurance companies and their policies have their own definitions for all aspects of coverage. While most of the “acts of God” include natural disasters, some companies may exclude damage that occurs to a roof system that they have inspected and stated that the system must be replaced. If you do not get the system replaced you may not have coverage even in the event there is an “act of God” that causes the damage.  The best way to know what would be covered is to research the insurance companies in the area and what they would offer specifically for your home.

Although no one wants or expects to deal with damage to their home, it is imperative to purchase and be knowledgeable on the coverage’s your home needs. Be as prepared as possible on how to recover from such an unfortunate event. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.