Slate is a classic choice for both residential and commercial applications. It combines durability, beauty and charm to fit the personality of many buildings. While traditional slate requires additional structural engineering there are new systems like the TruSlate® System from GAF® which combined real slate with specialized waterproofing materials. Check out TruSlate®System at for installation and warranty information.

Why hire Revere Roofing Company to repair or install your commercial or residential slate roof in Columbus, Ohio?

As one of the leading roofing contractors in Central Ohio, Revere Roofing Company has been proudly serving local businesses and organizations since 1997. They work with local clients in Columbus and surrounding communities to install reliable and high-quality solutions to their commercial and residential roofing needs. Installation and repair projects for a large commercial facility can be a daunting undertaking, which is why Revere Roofing Company are certified installers of most steep and low slope roofing system.  They also make customer service a top priority.

Ohio’s Experts in Slate and Other Materials

Slate is a lifetime and visually appealing roofing material for all kinds of structures. It is one of several options for commercial roofing projects, along with clay tile, shingles and wood shakes, metal and a variety of synthetic products. Each of these materials has different advantages, so interested customers are encouraged to call Revere Roofing Company to discuss the options. The location of the building as well as its size and specific roof system are all factors that may impact the choice of material.

Revere’s roofing technicians are experts in both conventional and modern slate construction, so they are ready to help no matter what kind of installation is requested. Conventional slate roofs require some extra steps to ensure that they are stable and resistant to weather damage. Some of the newer systems, like the TruSlate™ system by GAF®, allow the installation with half the material of a traditional slate roof.  This allows installation on most modern, conventionally framed homes.

Work with a Reputable Contractor in Columbus

As local contractors, Revere Roofing Company knows how important reliable craftsmanship is to our clients on every project. Whether customers need an expert to patch a tiny leak or a whole team to install completely new roofing on the entire structure, they are prepared to provide top-notch services. Revere Roofing Company strives to provide a comprehensive service offering, so you can rely on them to work with almost any kind of material on commercial and residential structures.

Revere Roofing prizes several core values in their employees, including integrity, knowledge and passion. They are always looking for ways to improve their roofing solutions through consistent training and improvement. Revere’s technicians are professionals who are dedicated to giving clients their best effort on every job.