Why hire AABIC Roofing & Exteriors, Inc. to replace your homes siding in Knox County, Ohio?

Hire a Top-Notch Company

Knox County, Ohio has rough weather conditions that can damage a home’s siding in only a few years, making it easy for moisture to enter its underlying structural layers. Fortunately, there is a top-notch company ready to replace a home’s siding with high-quality materials that provide protection and beauty. Revere Roofing and Exteriors Inc., is located in Mt. Vernon, and it has offered expert siding repairs for over 17 years at residential properties. With knowledgeable installation technicians, sturdy materials and long-term warranties, homeowners are getting the best service available.

Different Types of Siding

In excellent weather conditions, a home’s siding can last 20 years or more, but in Ohio, strong winds and rain can cause a building’s siding materials to degrade. At Revere Roofing and Exteriors, customers can request different types of siding for a home to protect the insulation materials inside walls and provide an attractive structure. There are three basic types of siding materials available, including:

One: Concrete Fiberboard Siding

Concrete fiberboard is a combination of concrete and other materials that are pressed into planks and sheets. The sheets or planks are available in different colors and textures or homeowners can paint the materials. Installation technicians use screws or nails to fasten concrete fiberboard to steel studs or wooden frames. Concrete fiberboard is less attractive to damaging insects and repels moisture. Modern concrete fiberboard is less likely to develop mildew odor or mold growth.

Two: Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a popular material designed to protect the exterior of buildings. It is made of polyvinyl chloride resin and is lightweight. This siding is economical, water-resistant and highly durable in the rough weather conditions found in Knox County, Ohio. Thin and flexible vinyl siding is simple to install on unusual surfaces that are curved or angular. Homeowners can choose vinyl siding in a wide assortment of thicknesses, textures and colors.

Three: Cedar Siding

Wood siding is still requested by many homeowners, and Revere Roofing and Exterior can install cedar materials on any building. Today, cedar siding materials are cut into different shapes to provide an attractive ambience for a home. Cedar siding is an excellent way to have a traditional or historic looking home, and the installation of this material requires specialized expertise to prevent damage to the wood.
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