Why repair my flat commercial/Industrial roof in Columbus, Ohio verses replacing my flat commercial roof?

A flat commercial roof in Columbus, Ohio is likely to encounter some problems over the course of many years. This could include leaks, pooling or blistering due to weather. Building owners really have two options to deal with damage to the roof. The first is to replace the entire roof. The second is to schedule repairs to address specific problems. There are several reasons why it is better to repair a flat commercial roof.

Minimal Disruption

One of the main reasons to repair a flat commercial roof instead of replacing the entire structure is to minimize the impact on the businesses and people inside the building as much as possible. Replacing an entire roof involves partially exposing different portions of the building. This can make it impossible to work in certain areas as the replacement progresses. Businesses under the flat roof could need to find temporary offices or temporary storage just to continue operating. This can affect revenue, productivity and employee morale. Repairs can be done quickly without dramatically affecting the businesses below.


Businesses today are looking for ways to be more sustainable. Customers are looking for the same thing in businesses. Choosing to repair a roof means businesses will be able to preserve a large amount of resources that would otherwise be sent to landfills. This is especially true when the roof needs only a relatively small repair to fix pooling or a simple leak. The amount of new materials added to the roof during repairs is far less than what would be used to replace the entire structure.

Shorten Repair Times

Replacing an entire flat commercial roof takes a long time. It involves detailed planning, demolition and construction. Long periods of construction to replace the roof will start to affect the appearance of the building and how people inside are working. This is often unnecessary. Skilled professionals can make permanent repairs that increase the strength of the roof without needing to replace every part. These repairs can often be completed in a fraction of the time it would take to start replacing the roof.


Businesses that own a commercial building with a flat roof need to consider cost when choosing between replacement and repairs. Replacing a flat commercial roof is very expensive. It involves rebuilding the structure of the building, purchasing all new materials and large amounts of labor. Repairs can be done with fewer materials by a small group of professional roofers. This lowers the cost significantly while also providing the same quality of work. Repairing a flat commercial roof is a more economical choice for most buildings.