How Often Should My Commercial Roof Be Replaced?

Managers of commercial buildings in Ohio may forget that the summers in Ohio can get exceptionally hot very quickly. The winters, as we saw last year, can get extremely cold more quickly than the summer does, and this all has an impact on the rubber roof membrane of commercial buildings. It is best the think through what can happen to the roof during the year when deciding if it needs to be replaced.


The Hot Summer

The hot summer in Ohio can be incredibly intense for a few weeks in July through September. The rubber roof on a commercial building could be in such a position that the seals of the membrane may begin to break down under the hot sun. Property manager should frequently check the roof to make sure the membrane and seams are not coming loose or shifting under the intense heat.


The Harsh Winter

Rubber roof membranes can begin to crack when it gets very cold outside because the rubber will become more brittle as it ages. If the roof begins to crack, it needs to be repaired or replaced immediately because those cracks will let in melting ice and rain during the course of the winter.



Most membrane roofs can be repaired, depending on the type of damage and the membrane’s age. It is best for the owner of the property to have a professional roofing contractor inspect the roof periodically. A thorough inspection report document should be provided detailing the issues and outlining repair or replacement options and recommendations.


No Incidents

The average life span of a rubber membrane roof is around 20-years. If you are lucky enough to have had no problems with your rubber membrane roof, we recommend having a thorough inspection periodically to verify it is in proper working condition. This systematic inspection approach allows the property manager and owners to identify problem areas early, create a planned repair and replacement budget, and therefore minimizing damage to the roof structure and the interior of the building. Once an active leak is detected in a flat roof it may be impossible to repair if the weather conditions are extreme. This leaves the property exposed to continual interior damage until better weather and proper repairs can be completed.


Replacing or repairing the rubber membrane roof on a commercial building is necessary eventually. If the roof is inspected and minor repairs completed, there should never be major problems that is unexpected. Timely repairs can be more cost effective than emergency repairs, and the roof system will remain in good operating condition.

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