How Can I Tell If My Commercial or Residential Roof Has Been Damaged After A Storm in Knox County Ohio

If there is a severe storm in your area, then your roof could possibly get damaged. You should inspect your commercial or residential property for damages after the storm has cleared. We never recommend a homeowner go on your roof.  Call a qualified roofing professional to inspect your roof.  Below are some of the most common signs of roof damage:


Shingles In Your Yard

You may notice signs of roof damage from the ground. You know that there is a problem when the shingles begin falling off of the roof. Contact your insurance company immediately so that you can discuss getting the roof repaired or replaced.  Also, contact a qualified roofing professional to have the roof inspected, emergency tarped, or repaired.

Inspect Your Landscape

Inspect your yard. If you notice that there are broken branches and debris all over your yard, then your roof is possibly damaged also. You should also check for tree damage.


Check Your Attic

If your home has an attic, then you may want to check it also. Look for signs of water damage because this could indicate that your roof has been damaged. You can inspect the ceiling for water damage if you do not have an attic.


Wear On Shingles

If you notice visible bruising or wear on the shingles, then this could have been caused by storm damage, or hail. You will need to get your shingles replaced if they are damaged.


Large Dents Or Cracks On The Gutters

Your gutters should be inspected after the storm. Look for cracks in the gutters or large dents.  Also, lots of small dents can be a sign of hail damage.


Things To Keep In Mind

If you have an older roof, then it is often more likely to have damages during a storm. Replacing an older roof with a new one may be a better option than getting it repaired. A new roof may increase the value of your home, and possibly lower your insurance premium.

You also want to make sure that you contact your insurance company, and qualified roofing company immediately after you noticed that your roof has been damaged. Your claim could be denied if there is a long time between the report and the storm. Additionally, a damaged roof can cause water to leak in your home, which can cause significant damage.  Taking action quickly after storm damage can save you time and money, not to mention more hassles.