Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Anyone looking for a long lasting and low maintenance roof should look no further than a standing seam roof – a type of metal roof. It serves home and business owners for more than 30 years. Standing seam roofing contractors normally install panels running from the ridge to the eaves of the buidling. Specially designed seams are part of the panels to not only keep out elements but also allow the roof system to expand and contract. This type of roof is lighter relative to others, which is better for areas which large roof that will carry large snow loads.

Standing seam roofing offers many advantages that property owners should be aware of as they consider a new roof.

Reduces the chances of water getting into your home
The standing seam roof has no exposed fastener, unlike other roof types, which means that there are fewer places through which water can enter your home or commercial property. With proper attic ventilation, a standing seam roof will provide a watertight barrier that will last for 50 or more years.

It is more durable than other types of roofs
One of the things that property owners desire in a roof is durability, and this is where standing seam metal roofs come in handy. You are guaranteed a strong roof with the capacity to withstand all weather conditions including; heavy rains, hail and snow. One may argue that the metal can get dents from heavy branches of trees and hails that might fall on the roof, but its durability is unquestionable. Once your metal roofing contractors are done with the installation, expect your roof to remain in good condition for many years, with little or no maintenance.  The typical roof will last between 40 and 50 plus years.

We are living in an age where environment sustainability is being threatened with the world staring at the consequences of global warming. Therefore, we all have a duty to behave in a manner that promotes the preservation of the environment. Standing seam roofing gives property owners the opportunity to participate in curbing the effects of the projected effects of global warming. It is a perfect example of a cool roof – a roof painted using a cooler color to allow it to reflect the heat back, and consequently maintain a cool atmosphere inside the house. Cool roofs minimize the global climate change as they are known to reduce the amount of heat required to keep a roof either cool or warm during the hot months and winter respectively.

Ensures security
It is the perfect option for buildings that requires maximum security. It is nearly impossible for animals to cause damage to the roof and get into the building through the roof.  A properly installed roof can withstand up to 110 mph sustained winds without issue.  This is why government buildings often have standing seam roofs installed.

These are just some of the benefits you stand to reap by choosing standing seam roofing over other available options. Of utmost importance is to hire experienced and highly talented standing seam roofing contractors to guarantee the quality of the end results, and offer a manufacturer’s warranty on the standing seam panels.