Why Call Revere Roofing Company for Leak Detection If your Flat Commercial Roof is Leaking in Ohio?

Unfortunately, if you detect a leak in your commercial flat roof, it may already be a sign that there is a big problem. Fortunately, with the right help, you can safely and easily fix any roof problem for your commercial building with one call. On top of doing leak detection, we also repair or replace any damaged materials that will help you restore your business as soon as possible. To learn more about our services, take a look at a longer explanation of what commercial roof leak detection entails. We also have a plan that can help you avoid these disasters in the future with routine maintenance services.

How a leaky roof is fixed safely

The culprits for a leaky roof are the usual suspects when the weather is bad, but there are other reasons that your roof can be failing. For example, unique issues that are related to commercial flat roofs involve employees walking or dropping heavy objects on them when they are not permitted on the roof.  However, most other issues that can arise are due to improper installation of equipment such as HVAC units or exhaust systems, gas and electric conduit running across the roof. Even having the wrong paints or sealants coming into contract with the roof can make it crack.  No matter what the reason, when the surface of the roof system is punctured or it cracks, it can easily fail. Despite this, fixing the roof safely is the main priority, and this takes a specialist with the right skills. We also are fully licensed and insured, unlike your staff, to properly assess the potential dangers related to fixing a roof. In other words, if your commercial roof is leaking, clear the area and call a professional roofer as soon as possible.

How roof maintenance and inspection prevent repairs

If you want to save on the long-term budget related to repairs for your commercial business, maintenance and inspection of a flat roof are crucial. In addition to detecting any damage or wear, we can also remove other potential hazards. For instance, birds can build nests on top of fans or other components that may redirect water to the wrong areas of a flat roof. We can also asses when you will likely need upcoming repairs, and this means scheduling them when labor is more available and not at a higher cost. Otherwise, commercial property owners end up paying more money to have emergency services to fix their roof because it is leaking and disrupting business.

Why using pros is important

Having the roof of your home fixed may involve specialized labor and equipment, but commercial roofing may present an even bigger, more unique set of challenges. Having pros on your side helps to increase customer or employee safety. Obviously, a leaky roof is going to increase slip-and-fall accidents that could lead to insurance claims or lawsuits. There may also be a need for assistance with your insurance company to help with the proper paperwork.  This help to speed up your repairs and the reimbursements on an insurance claim. Finally, state and local permitting may be required for some types of roofing repairs, and a qualified, local roofing company like Revere Roofing Company will know how to acquire and amend these documents.

Let us help you with your commercial roof repairs and maintenance

We are specialists in commercial flat roofs, and we are happy to help your business stay dry and snug throughout the year. Our 24/7 emergency services crew are here to restore damaged roofing after wind, hail, or snow storms. Let us start helping you today with your commercial roof’s routine maintenance and leak detection, HVAC upgrades, ventilation issues,  or any other repairs and a full system replacement. Please give us a call to learn how we can help you today.